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You just can't hand tighten any of the parts to install the new faucet filter, you have to tigghten the piece that screws into the faucet with pliers, and also you have to tighten with pliers the PUR water filter to the faucet part too, otherwise they will both leak, spray water. The older clip on water filters are much better.

I'll give this one a shot for awhile.

If not happy, I will return it and call you for another $10.00 coupon and buy the older clip on water filter because their much better to take on and off, and don't leak than your new screw on types. You need pliers to install correctly without it leaking at the part that screws into the faucet, and the water filter ehere it attaches to the faucet part, otherwise it leaks at both points of connections.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pur Water Filter.

Pur Cons: Cheaply made.

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